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When you make an appointment, please let us know if you suffer from fear for dental treatments – we will adapt us to you accordingly and look after you with particular sensitivity.

We can also treat anxious patients immediately before treatment with energy medicine (Bodytalk), a non-invasive technique that has been used effectively in practice for 12 years.

Ask for the additional appointment.


We use a digital X-ray machine for you in our surgery. The images are visible on the computer within a few seconds and the X-ray produces much less X-ray radiation, 95% less.


We are happy to give you a second opinion for your safety.

Our patients are considerate of the attending dentist, so they appear on time, without lipstick, with brushed teeth and without having eaten garlic 24 hours in advance.

In your own interest, we ask you to refrain from alcohol 24 hours before the treatment in order to avoid possible complications.