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CMD and teeth grinding

TMJ disorders CMD , jaw joint problems, are referred to as cranio-mandibular dysfunction in specialist medicine.

The main cause is stress and overwork. Today we know that this can damage teeth.

In order to counteract wear and tear, we made a splint, to prevent the teeth from being worn and to relieve the bite.

Grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth can also cause facial pain and headaches. Unconscious increased chewing (during the day or at night) during periods of tension increases the chewing pressure many times over. When the muscles are chronically overexerted, the interaction between muscles and joints changes. This can result in changes to the joint capsule, the ligamentous apparatus or a displacement of the joint capsule in one or both temporomandibular, jaw, joints. The patient can often perceive this with a clicking sound when moving the jaw. It can also happen that the mouth can no longer open properly. The teeth can also suffer a lot from abrasion.